David Erdos

David Erdos is an Actor, Writer, Director, and Teacher with over 300 professional performance credits in a career that dates back to his teens.

The writer of ten collections of poetry, three collections of essays and over 200 plays, screenplays and cross form pieces, his work has been published and performed around the world in Theatres,  Studios, Universaties, Schools  and alternative places of learning, and across numerous digital platforms. In the fields of literature, David has enjoyed close collaborations with many leading and emergent figures including Harold Pinter, Heathcote Williams (whose last play KILLING KIT, was entrusted to David), Henry Woolf, Steven Berkoff, Alan Moore, John Higgs, Kirsty Allison, Saira Viola, Lisa Azarmi, Chris Petit, Andrew Kotting, Snoo Wilson, Jan Woolf, Niall McDevitt, Malcolm Ritchie, Maryann Morris, Jan Herman, Malcolm McNeill, and Iain Sinclair, in whose book THE LAST LONDON, David is profiled. In music David has worked in close association with Pete Brown, Youth, David Tibet, Steve Norris, Gil De Ray, David Bramwell,  Joy Payne, Steve Hackett, Stepan Honc, Ed Sykes, The Gulps, the House of Mythology label artists, and many of those associated with Suriya Recordings, Youthsounds, and United Sounds, for whom he has  developed the unique form of poem-review that supports his current reputation as a singular arts journalist. This work informs his position as Mu Magazine’s Literary Editor, and as a contributing editor for The International Times, a position he has held since 2014.

David is a previous winner of The Peggy Ramsay Award and has lectured students and  led acting departments around the world on all aspects of theatre and film making, performance and creative writing for twenty years, enhancing standards for educative establishments such as Bird College, Save the Children and the Arts Council of England. He won great acclaim in 2017 as English Poet in residence at the Babylon Festival of Culture in Iraq, and was a former writer in residence at The Unity Theatre, and Merseyside Maritime Musuem, Liverpool and Cockpit Theatre, London for over a decade.  David has toured his one man show, HIS LAST CABARET: On the life, afterlife and legacy of Lenny Bruce across the UK in two different centuries and it remains for many the best evening they’ve ever had in the theatre.

David’s books include EASY VERSES FOR DIFFICULT TIMES, OIL ON SILVER, CHANGING PLACES WITH LIGHT, NEWS FROM MARS, THE SCAR ON THE CLOUD and with the Photographer Max Reeves, BYZANTIUM.  He is the lyricist for over 300 songs with the composer Sara Varnoy, and for a forthcoming album with the composer Marc Appleton.  In addition, David is a published illustrator and editor in chief for a new range of titles he has developed for Bitesize Books,  the first six of which are due at the end of 2021.

During the English lockdowns, alongside a 4 part radio serial, and the writing  and directing of several new online plays, David produced four poetry volumes: DAVID’S COVID, THE COVIDIAN AGE, THE PEOPLE’S PRISON AND UNEASE AND VERSES FROM DIFFICULT TIMES, all of which are featured on his Youtube channel,  with selections published by IT, Culture Matters and The Morning Star, among others.

BETWEEN BRIGHT WORLDS is David’s debut PoeMusic album, and the precursor of a bigger project aimed  at advancing this developing form, and including a range of poets and musicians from all races, creeds, backgrounds and genders, with the working title: UTOPIA IN PRINICPLE.

As an artist in high standing amongst his contemporaries and many of his personal heroes, David Erdos has dedicated a career not to the pursuit of celebrity but to creating new standards of practise for the arts, artists and developing culture as a whole. His aim has always been to advance each form and its subsequent understanding  and to contribute to developing legacies of insight, challenge and fulfilment based on the love of those who inspired him. BETWEEN BRIGHT WORLDS is an attempt to display those intentions in 28 minutes of listening that honour all aims of the word.











David Erdos is a vital part of our 21st century counter-cultural connectome, skittering across the literary landscape like a bead of mercury and leaving freshly-soldered synaptic linkages in his wake. If it’s a matter of importance, synthesis, or beauty, then Erdos is there to document, dissect and celebrate: an enthralling chatterbox of the human condition.

Alan Moore


I marvel over the velocity and production of David Erdos’ poems. He is out there now, high among the ranks of the great, but unappreciated; the good detective, on the move, on the case. He is a positive energy, a sympathetic reporter and recorder. Follow him.’

Iain Sinclair


David Erdos’ lockdown trilogy is an outstanding achievement and should be recorded for posterity..’

Mark Lawson


As psycho-geographer of the zeitgeist David Erdos has a rich hinterland to draw upon, being himself poet, actor, director, composer, illustrator, musician and critic. The reader soon learns that the writer is well informed on very many levels and that he’s in safe hands for what proves to be a  rewarding, penetrating and often breath-taking ride.

Heathcote Williams


Counterculture becomes even more important in these times of no cultural margins and constant erasure, making its dwindling list of commentators all the more crucial.

There is no questioning the importance of David Erdos’ contribution. Quite possibly the greatest living cultural commentator since Cyril Connolly!

Chris Petit


David Erdos brings light to the back alleys and side streets of culture and reveals so much gold that you have to question what it is that more mainstream critics do with their days. I don’t know what planet he comes from, I don’t know what powers him and I don’t know if he can be stopped, but I for one am glad he is out there. –

John Higgs


The now classic Erdos lilt takes the reader on a Blakean mystic trip…

 Kirsty Allison


 My heart pulses with the essence of David’s work, taking me away from the normal and casting each haunting image into an underworld of possibility

Clare Nasir


Not enough can be said to highlight the visual , literary and cultural splendour of David Erdos. His work should be force -fed to anyone with any interest in the arts. His Lenny Bruce is an act of glorious hip swinging annunciation.

 Saira Viola


Poetry seems to flow out of David Erdos as naturally as water from a spring. His responses are visionary –

David Bramwell


In Erdos’ world the past is disinterred, shedding new light on what we thought we knew about the present –

Douglas Field


David Erdos seems on remarkably close terms with the realms and places where the silence is misleading and mysteries will  unfold through the details of lore and incantation. Erdos guides the way with his poet’s intuition and even when the going is uncomfortable in language rich as spiced honey.

Jay Jeff Jones.