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Suriya Recordings is a unique new global beats label that is the brainchild of Youth in partnership with PRSSV Institute of Performing Arts and Heritage, a charitable organisation based in London, and Renato Roversi.

The label is dedicated to experimenting with beats, ambient, trance, dub, electronica and traditional sounds across different cultures from around the world. It celebrates music and artists across continents, extending the possibilities of traditional, ancient instrumentation and vocals via Youth’s unique sonic alchemy.

Youth said “My vision was to create a new platform for musicians from around the world, combining ancient musical artforms with my sonic treatments. With the support and partnership of PRSSV, an organisation with incredible artistic influence, we are able to access some of the finest artists and musicians from India for our first set of releases”.Re

“The aim is to collaborate further with artists and instrumentation from around the world. In these dark times of change and conflict, we create music that brings new hope and possibilities. Suriya Recordings will operate like a worker collective and is all about pushing the boundaries of an already rich musical and cultural seam.”

With the support of PRSSV, Youth has assembled a host of collaborators including some of the finest musicians from India on the first two releases. DUENDE INDIA COLLECTIVE ’ESCAPOLOGY’ present an ambient odyssey of Indian instrumentation, spoken word and vocals cut with lush Flamenco, while INDOTRANCELTIC ‘STONE HORSE’ weave their magic into a collection of chilled soundscapes of ancient Celtic and Indian sounds. World beats is redefined in these new releases harnessing both the power and change necessary to make new musical vistas both thrilling and fulfilling.


Renato Roversi


Walter Ferrandes


Walter Ferrandes

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