Marcia Mello

Marcia Mello was born on Cape Cod. Her 7th great grandfather was Wamsutta Alexander Moanam ,Pokanoket chief. His father was king Massasoit of Massachusetts .

She was taught parlour fingerpicking style guitar at age fifteen by Francis Andrews. When she was twenty she studied briefly with composer Donny Rubenstein learning some country blues and to read music. Later when she was in her late forties she studied for years with Paul Rishell who taught her prewar, ragtime and slide guitar. She went to London 2003 and when busking once she met the delightful JonJo Mayo. He was a banjo and guitar playing busker on Portobello road for forty years . He used to sing with Alexis Koerner. He was also an Irish actor and playwright. They became great friends and he called her the Queen of Portobello. In 2008 she met Martin “ Youth” Glover who put her rendition of “Gypsy Davey “on Butterfly Recordings “ What the Folk “ volume 2. In 2010 her instrumental “ Black Graham “ was on the Orbs ‘ “ Metallic Spheres “ featuring David Gilmour. Her slide guitar was on PRK ( paper round kid ) cd with Darren Filkins , ( original member of Blur ). Her spoken word was on Duende India Collective and a blues track she played was also on Tom and Ben Jennings ’ “ Ramblin Recordings “ . ” I am the 7th great granddaughter of Wamsutta Alexander Moanam, chief of the Pokanoket tribe in Massachusetts. After his father king Massoit died he became king. The colonists walked him off to sign a treaty and poisoned him. His younger brother Metacomet ( King Phillip ) started King Phillip war against the colonists who slaughtered most of the tribe. Many blues musicians were part natives, Charley Patton, Memphis Minnie, Jimi Hendrix and more. My mom’s ancestors include Sir John Rolfe who married Pocahontas”

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