Accessible without being ordinary, there’s an inherent universality to Nadav’s music. He’s not aiming to guide his listeners to his music, to his words, or to his lyrics – he’s guiding them back to themselves.

Nadav is an Israeli born singer-songwriter based in Sydney, Australia. His musical pallet was forged from a devotion to folk, pop and experimental soundscapes. He burst into the music scene with his indie band Gelbison, which was almost instantly signed to major label Virgin/EMI, recording 3 albums and touring the world with acts such as Beck, Gomez and Wilco. Nadav has released over 12 albums to date, travelling the globe in a number of bands and as a solo artist, cantor and kirtan singer. Most recently, Nadav’s new band Air Land Sea released their lush psych folk infused self-titled debut. Over the past 15 years Nadav has spent extensive time in India discovering and studying the mystical powers of Vedic chants and mantra, as well as delving into the study of Kabbalah and sacred prayers in his native tongue, Hebrew. He became deeply inspired by the transformative power of music and the use of specific sounds to enhance meditation and the path of self-discovery. These explorations shaped and influenced the making of Nadav’s albums – ‘OM’- a Sanskrit mantra album, ‘Lev Shalem’ (whole heart)- a Kabbalah inspired album of prayers, and ‘Pop Sutras’- a re-interpretation of pop songs as sacred hymns. The album Invocation is a serendipitous co-creation. Arriving alone in Spain with a harmonium and a dog-eared book of ancient chants, Nadav was eager to record a simple album of Sanskrit chants and mantras on his travels. But sometimes the most basic of plans have a life of their own. What proceeded to unfold was 5 nights at Space Mountain Studio with Youth (Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd, The Verve), at the helm, and a team that included master producer/engineer John Leckie (John Lennon, Stone Roses, Radiohead), and a band of eclectic world class musicians who happened to be in town for Youth’s Resonate festival, wholeheartedly throwing themselves into the mix. The outcome became a fortuitous surprise, capturing an album of raw, spontaneous magic including the subtleties of Spanish guitar, flamenco singing, electro synths, gypsy sounds and African influences along with traditional Indian soundscapes. There is nothing conventional about Invocation, with its haunting, and at times playful introspection. The album offers 7 invocations to 7 states of inner being. Each invocation draws on the ancient science of Nada Yoga (the union of sound). The Sanskrit words themselves were written thousands of years ago by the sages of ancient India who claimed they had perfectly transcribed the sounds of nature into chants. The idea was that codifying nature into sound would bring peace and harmony to the world for eons to come. Nadav regularly performs in festivals, temples, synagogues, and yoga schools around the globe. Accessible without being ordinary, there’s an inherent

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