Paya Lehane

Music composer, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist (harp, oboe, flutes, keyboard, percussion) She is also a recording session musician, producer and a live performer. Also a visual artist ( mixed media and abstract painting ) Lives in London UK.

Paya was born 26th April 1986 in the Czech Republic where she lived and studied music until 2011 when she decided to move into London(UK) to perform live shows with her World Music/Neo-Celtic band PERKELT (establihed earlier in 2008). Over a period of 10 years Paya and her band has performed over six hundred shows around Europe ( mainly in the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany,Czech Republic, France and Ireland ), Perkelt has released in total 4 albums containing fast and furious, energetic neo-celtic music, in recent years the band earned a couple of awards and nominations for their music and live performance,one of them was the absolute Winner of the Exposure Music Awards, UK as the Best live Act, also their first original song composed in 2008 called “Veltleen” was nominated by the Celtic Radio (Canada) for the best song of the year. She also collaborated with other already well established bands or famous artists from various parts of the world. Either as a guest at their live shows or as a participating musician on their album/single: Recording Collaboration – band/artist – album/single – title – year of release PERKELT UK – album – Musica MARDANIA – 2011 PERKELT UK – album – Dowry of a Troll Woman – 2013 PERKELT UK – album – Dancer in the Wind – 2016 PERKELT UK – single – MORANA – 2018 PERKELT UK – album – AIR & FIRE – 2019 Robin Joel Sangster UK – single – Love me not – 2017 Indotranceltic UK ( @Surya Recordings, Martin “Youth” Glover ) – album – Stone Horse – 2017 Duende India Collective UK ( @Surya Recordings, Martin “Youth” Glover) – album – Escapology – 2017 Tailor Birds AUS – album – Stilts on the Water – 2018 Gwendolyn Snowdon NL – album – Three Strand Braid – 2018 Tailor Birds AUS – single – White Feather – 2018 Tailor Birds AUS – album – Where will we go to break free from the Crows – 2018 Karen Kay & Michael Tingle UK – album – Through the Faerie Portal – 2018 Solo project In Summer 2018 Paya released her debut solo album called Oppidamus in which she focuses on her own music style which could be described as world fusions and her own unique(ancient like) fictional language. Classical music/ oboe at Conservatoire Pardubice and Janacek Academy of Performing Arts ( both in the Czech Republic)

The Latest Albums

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