Nadav – Invocation

Invocation is the album that happened when Nadav flew in to play at Youth’s Resonance festival in Granada Spain at Space Mountain Studio with a harmonium in one hand and a notebook filled with chants in the other. The vision was simply to record an album of mantras that would stir the heart and awaken the spirit. The tracks all draw on Sanskrit mantras created thousands of years ago by the sages of ancient India with an intention to bring peace and harmony to the world…

Once Resonace festival was over, a band of world class musicians eagerly joined the project, offering their talents and breathing fresh sounds into the well trodden new age music genre. With Youth at the helm and a recording team that included master producer/engineer John Leckie they captured the magic that unfolded over 5 nights at Space mountain Studio.

The album offers 7 invocations that are intended to direct the listener back to themselves, back to the heart. Stylistically there is nothing conventional about INVOCATION, at times introspective and haunting, at times playful, it blends Spanish guitars, synths and African influences as it weaves through traditional Indian soundscape on a delicate devotional journey.

Cover photo by Chris Debney

Cover design Luke Fitzpatrick and Nadav Kahn

Recorded at Space Mountain Studios

Mastered by Luke Fitzpatrick


  • Nadav – vocals, harmonium
  • Lawrence Harvey – classical & electric guitars, bass
  • Frederik Stitz – slide guitar
  • Ned Scott – piano
  • Maff Scott – percussion
  • Youth – synths
  • Michael Rendall –  synths, piano
  • Danny Baxter – singing bowls
  • Laurits Hvirvelkar – kora
  • Jackson Scott – vocal and Flamenco guitar
  • Luke Fitzpatrick – percussion, saxophone

Released on digital 25/09/2019

Out on digital 25/10/2019

Available on digital download only

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