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Between Bright Worlds features five unique collaborations between the poet, playwright and actor David Erdos and a collective of virtuoso global musicians. Aimed at developing the conjunction of poetry and music, each visionary inspired track on this new digital EP ‘lifts the lyric’ by experimenting in sound, style and texture. From the glazed electronica of Gil De Ray (In the Shadow of the Drones/Voodootron/Vagrant Lovers), to the sainted Santoor stylings of Indian Maestro Kiranpal Singh (The Good Disciples/100 Strings), the new age classicism of Perkelt and Indotranceltic’s Stepan Honc, (Stone Horse/Air & Fire), the heavenly compositions of Marc Appleton (Blueburn), to The Sips, featuring The Gulp’s Francesco Antonio Buffone, and Raoul Khayat with Killian Aubertin), this collection is a tour de force of perspective and interpretation. Poetry finds a new frequency and resonance in what Cold Lips’ Kirsty Allison describes as ‘the Blakean mystic trip of Erdos’ language’ to pay tribute not only to three seminal influences, but to the rising spirits of resistance and reformation important to us all. The search for new forms and methods of expression required to unlock the doors to even a limited sense of freedom, create possibility. It is hoped that these poem/songscapes create fresh territory between the worlds we have lost and those we are soon set to prize.

Release Date
Additional Mix and Production
Stepan Honc
James Connor
Executive Producer
Renato Roversi
Cover Art
Elena Caldera

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Between Bright Worlds

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