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A celebration of George Harrison, Hare Krishna and the 50th anniversary of Apple Records releasing the first World Music Album ‘The Radha Krsna Temple’ an album by George Harrison and Radha Krsna Temple and ‘Hare Krishna’ reaching Number 12 in the charts! Available as download, Vinyl two track single and CD with photo booklet.

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Today Food For All feeds 5,000 people a day in London and this record’s profits all go to the charity of devotees and monks with food banks and organic hot meals distribution in another 6 UK cities too. So what has brought Pink Floyd’s producer, the Abbey Road Institute Recording Studio and a group of Hare Krishna monks, devotees and volunteers together in the spirit of George and the beautiful garden dedicated to him at the Hare Krishna Temple near Watford, Bhaktivedanta Manor, gifted by the Beatle, and the friendship and fellowship they had when in 1971 he released an album and two singles with the Hare Krishna monks. They were not just hanging out with John Lennon and George Harrison they recorded with them at Abbey Road and Tittenhurst Park and lived in George’s Friar Park Estate, which was pretty cool in itself but they were also signed to Apple Records and opened for Deep Purple and the Moody Blues and appeared on Top of The Pops twice, so they were pretty cool monks too. The same orange and white robed devotees can still be seen to this day dancing and singing, that same Hare Krishna chant that George recorded and produced, on the streets of the Capital in London’s Soho Theatreland and around Kings Cross. It’s hoped the single that’s about to be released which is produced by mega producer Youth, aka Martin Glover (Pink Floyd, The Verve, Crowded House Paul McCartney), with The Krishnas and special guest Lora Logic, performing a world music influenced power folk, hooky lament is uplifting and fun in a good cause, with all profits going to the Food For All Charity, as the Suriya Records team and all of the managers, mix and mastering engineers and assistants have given their time and expertise freely to help the charity feed the homeless and those in need of a nutritious hot meal.


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