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Intricate soaring strings fuse with electronica stepping, as Youth and Andrea Seki master musical worlds. Violetta Vicci’s accompanying violin versifies, giving voice to the music, while scattered like gold dust, Stepan Honc’s guitar supplies textures that interweave as sounds swirl. First track, The White Horse sprinkles harp as if it were effluent sunshine, with a compulsive tempo allowing beauty’s flags to unfurl. Nebulla Mella taps its tune like a complex conversation. There is insistence and sustenance too in the sound. The harp plays bright shells and dazzling clusters, as strings and beat become beaches for oceans in which soft stars drown. Serpents Egg pours and foams as sun dappled water, as Seki sculpts atmosphere and energy with life affirming sounds and themes that are sugar over the slow, sour day. There are pinpoints of light and hidden songs to this music which Youth produces to move from your ear through love’s way. Iona has force and resolve to its patterns, while Mas Ushal is a song brew of sound in the mouth and then movement as the rhythms restore energy. Repitition reveals as it always does the deep message, that these are calls and commands that set the heart and soul free. Temple of the Sun is like Popul Vuh as a ghost chorus commences, while Hollow of the Stone is the living, dancing before Music’s God. This collaboration astounds by soundtracking beauty. Its film is the future of the soul, without bounds.


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The White Horse

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