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With echoes of the great Nusrat Fateh, Rizwan & Muazzam Ali Khan take the Qawwali song further. Produced by Youth; his electronics enhance their ethnic urgency, as music from Pakistan is informed by the western, and the Love Mood Swing EP introduces four new ways to feel free. Zafir Ali’s Tablas power forth, pushing the new wave stamp of this music. While Rahat Ali and Zubair Ali Khan’s Harmoniums weave rich texture, colouring space that the production collects in a vibrant galaxy of invention, as emotion’s far orbits circle and stun ceaselessly. Composer Rizwan Aii Khan shares vocals on these far from earth journey songs with Muazzam, as this band of brothers in every sense of the word chart new paths. For there is drama and drive, and a punkish new Wave thrust to Love Mood Swings, while Burning Flowers’ staccato synth and spider like tabla pattern create a riot before electronica’s dark explosion inspires frenzy, as music ruptures the dark. Here, There, Everywhere celebrates the universe of shared feeling. One can hear the communion as electronic swathes seal the deal. Youth’s remix of track one, Moody Love Swings Dubbed trips star paths as intricate sounds elevate us. It is there love is captured. In these bright, sacred quarters, hear the Qawwali soul spark the real.

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Love Mood Swing

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