Paya Lehane

Music composer, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist (harp, oboe, flutes, keyboard, percussion) She is also a recording session musician, producer and a live performer. Also a visual artist ( mixed media and abstract painting ) Lives in London UK

Live performing

Paya was born 26th April 1986 in the Czech Republic where she lived and studied music until 2011 when she decided to move into London(UK) to perform live shows with her World Music/Neo-Celtic band PERKELT (establihed earlier in 2008). Over a period of 10 years Paya and her band has performed over six hundred shows around Europe ( mainly in the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany,Czech Republic, France and Ireland ), Perkelt has released in total 4 albums containing fast and furious, energetic neo-celtic music, in recent years the band earned a couple of awards and nominations for their music and live performance,one of them was the absolute Winner of the Exposure Music Awards, UK as the Best live Act, also their first original song composed in 2008 called “Veltleen” was nominated by the Celtic Radio (Canada) for the best song of the year..

Musical collaboration

She also collaborated with other already well established bands or famous artists from various parts of the world. Either as a guest at their live shows or as a participating musician on their album/single:

Recording Collaboration – band/artist – album/single – title – year of release
PERKELT UK – album – Musica MARDANIA – 2011
PERKELT UK – album – Dowry of a Troll Woman – 2013
PERKELT UK – album – Dancer in the Wind – 2016
PERKELT UK – single – MORANA – 2018
PERKELT UK – album – AIR & FIRE – 2019
Robin Joel Sangster UK – single – Love me not – 2017
Indotranceltic UK ( @Surya Recordings, Martin “Youth” Glover ) – album – Stone Horse – 2017
Duende India Collective UK ( @Surya Recordings, Martin “Youth” Glover) – album – Escapology – 2017
Tailor Birds AUS – album – Stilts on the Water – 2018
Gwendolyn Snowdon NL – album – Three Strand Braid – 2018
Tailor Birds AUS – single – White Feather – 2018
Tailor Birds AUS – album – Where will we go to break free from the Crows – 2018
Karen Kay & Michael Tingle UK – album – Through the Faerie Portal – 2018
Solo project

In Summer 2018 Paya released her debut solo album called Oppidamus in which she focuses on her own music style which could be described as world fusions and her own unique(ancient like) fictional language.

Music Education

Classical music/ oboe at Conservatoire Pardubice and Janacek Academy of Performing Arts ( both in the Czech Republic)

Andrea Seki

Andrea is the founder of the Elfic Circle project. Andreas Celtic Harp explores paths that combine the contemporary bard traditions with different ethical genres.

His studies started with Alan Stivell, followed with the National School of Music of Brest, and with the graduation with the School “Prayag Sangit Samiti” Allahabad. He worked in collaboration with many international artists.
USA keyboard player and producer Delmar Brown, produced Andrea’s album Through The Passage (WorldPopMusic2010) More recently UK Martin “Youth ” Glover produced Andrea’s Bardik Springs, (Suriya Recordings 2017) and Orange Sunshine, a collaboration with senegal Cora player Jally Susso and indian Santoor Maestro , Kiranpal Singh Deora (Painted Words 2018).


Accessible without being ordinary, there’s an inherent universality to Nadav’s music. He’s not aiming to guide his listeners to his music, to his words, or to his lyrics – he’s guiding them back to themselves.

Nadav is an Israeli born singer-songwriter based in Sydney, Australia. His musical pallet was forged from a devotion to folk, pop and experimental soundscapes. He burst into the music scene with his indie band Gelbison, which was almost instantly signed to major label Virgin/EMI, recording 3 albums and touring the world with acts such as Beck, Gomez and Wilco. Nadav has released over 12 albums to date, travelling the globe in a number of bands and as a solo artist, cantor and kirtan singer. Most recently, Nadav’s new band Air Land Sea released their lush psych folk infused self-titled debut.

Over the past 15 years Nadav has spent extensive time in India discovering and studying the mystical powers of Vedic chants and mantra, as well as delving into the study of Kabbalah and sacred prayers in his native tongue, Hebrew. He became deeply inspired by the transformative power of music and the use of specific sounds to enhance meditation and the path of self-discovery. These explorations shaped and influenced the making of Nadav’s albums – ‘OM’- a Sanskrit mantra album, ‘Lev Shalem’ (whole heart)- a Kabbalah inspired album of prayers, and ‘Pop Sutras’- a re-interpretation of pop songs as sacred hymns.

The album Invocation is a serendipitous co-creation. Arriving alone in Spain with a harmonium and a dog-eared book of ancient chants, Nadav was eager to record a simple album of Sanskrit chants and mantras on his travels. But sometimes the most basic of plans have a life of their own. What proceeded to unfold was 5 nights at Space Mountain Studio with Youth (Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd, The Verve), at the helm, and a team that included master producer/engineer John Leckie (John Lennon, Stone Roses, Radiohead), and a band of eclectic world class musicians who happened to be in town for Youth’s Resonate festival, wholeheartedly throwing themselves into the mix. The outcome became a fortuitous surprise, capturing an album of raw, spontaneous magic including the subtleties of Spanish guitar, flamenco singing, electro synths, gypsy sounds and African influences along with traditional Indian soundscapes. There is nothing conventional about Invocation, with its haunting, and at times playful introspection.

The album offers 7 invocations to 7 states of inner being. Each invocation draws on the ancient science of Nada Yoga (the union of sound). The Sanskrit words themselves were written thousands of years ago by the sages of ancient India who claimed they had perfectly transcribed the sounds of nature into chants. The idea was that codifying nature into sound would bring peace and harmony to the world for eons to come.
Nadav regularly performs in festivals, temples, synagogues, and yoga schools around the globe. Accessible without being ordinary, there’s an inherent


Shahbaz Hussain

Shahbaz Hussain is regarded as one of the leading tabla virtuoso’s of his generation. He has received numerous accolades for his captivating performances, including receiving the prestigious “Son of Lahore” Award from the Government of Pakistan in 2008.

Shahbaz began his grooming in the art of tabla at age five with his father, the late Ustad Mumtaz Hussain – a prominent vocalist. He later went on to study with tabla legends Ustad Faiyaz Khan from the Delhi Gharana (school), the late Ustad Shaukat Hussain Khan from the Punjab Gharana and finally the late Ustad Allah Rakha Khan.

Shahbaz is an extremely versatile tabla player. He has mastered all the imperative traditional skills as well as the ability to project those skills to more contemporary styles. His solo performances have gained great recognition all over the world. He is also much sought after for his accompaniment skills by many of the great masters musicians of India & Pakistan – including Ustad Salamat Ali Khan, Ustad Shahid Parvez, Ustad Rais Khan, Ustad Fateh Ali Khan, Pt Hariprasad Chaurasia and ghazal legend Ghulam Ali to name but a few.

Shahbaz regularly travels across the world to present performances, including throughout Europe, North America & the Asian subcontinent. He has performed in many prestigious venues, including the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C., Lincoln Center in New York and London’s Royal Albert & Queen Elizabeth Halls. His band, Indus, has received critical acclaim for their debut album Firefly and they continue to tour the UK & internationally.

Shahbaz is also passionate about passing on the knowledge of tabla to others. He is a dedicated teacher and regularly teaches across the country, including at the University of Newcastle and the University of Huddersfield.


Fabrice De Graef

Fabrice started his musical journey with the bombarde, a traditional instrument from Brittany.

Then classical oboe at the Valenciennes conservatoire , a Jazz school in Antwerp , then in Ireland with a every night hired duet , multiple intensive sessions , Breton Fest Noz , in 2001 he received a Indian and French governmental scholarship and studied about 8 years in India under the tutelage of Hariprasad Chaurasia , L. Subramamiam and Harsh Wardhan.

Since 2009 he is based near Brussels and focuses on polishing his very unique style. Fabrice’s very alternative personality makes him difficult to label although he feels a great respect and love for its traditions and Masters.



Arthur Navarro

Brazilian and Spanish Citizen, Sound Engineer and Music Producer graduated on Abbey Road Institute’s intensive course Advanced Diploma in Music Production and Sound Engineer, in London, United Kingdom. The Abbey Road Institute is the educational branch of Universal Music Group in partnership with the Abbey Road Studios.

Passionate about creating, composing, experimenting and mixing sounds and music to get to an innovative, original and high quality result! While active in a 15 year career in the Sound & Music business I have worked in many roles such as Music Composer of Original Soundtracks, Sound Engineer, Sound Designer, Location Sound Recordist, Sound Editor and Sound Mixer for Musical Albums, Documentaries and Feature Films.

About my previous experiences I would have to highlight the amazing year I spent in Abbey Road Institute in London graduating in Sound Engineer and Musical Production. It was such a blast to be there breathing history, learning from mind blowing professionals, creating and producing beautiful music, and the two albums released by British label Suriya Recordings.


Abraham Carmona

Abraham Carmona explores modern expressions of timeless traditional Flamenco Palos (distinctive rhythms) with world-ambient, electronic beats and jazz influences.

Growing up in an impressive dynasty of Flamenco musicians (Carmona), Abraham was immersed in its unique universe and artistry from a very early age. Later on, in his search for new sounds, Abraham has worked with conventional flamenco instruments but also explored new ways of expression by experimenting with more unusual instruments from different musical traditions.

Abraham’s Homage to Catalonia album for Suriya Records was conceived at Youth’s Space Mountain Studios in Granada, Spain. Created in a classic traditional flamenco style, with an expansive atmosphere and a conscious use of elements from India in the form of scales and drones. The addition of strings throughout the album also helps to imprint a cinematic signature, infusing some fragments with a subtle hint of Morricone’s flavour.


Kiranpal Singh

Kiranpal has gained respect and admiration for his various performances on santoor and tabla in the UK, Europe and beyond, in recitals, festivals and lecture demonstrations. Admired by both audiences and critics, his mastery of the advanced techniques of the instrument, combined with a creative flair and spontaneous imagination, has developed a recognizable individuality in his performances.

He performs regularly in collaboration with musicians from other musical styles. This, in turn, has led him to be sought after as a co-leader of ground-breaking developmental and cross-cultural projects, whilst continuing to advance the presentation of Indian Classical music to ever widening audiences through his solo work.

Born in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, East Africa, in 1957, Kiranpal grew up in a Namdhari Sikh family with a strong musical atmosphere. The family later moved to England.

Kiranpal Singh’s first musical study was the tabla, which he pursued under the guidance of Shree Ripdhaman Singh of Punjab Gharana from 1970 to 1977.

His potential as an artiste of the highest caliber was recognized by His Holiness Sri Sat Guru Jagjit Singh Ji Maharaj, spiritual guide and leader of the Namdhari Sikhs, on a visit to the UK, who arranged for Kiranpal to be sent to Bombay to study santoor in the traditional way under Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma. He completed twelve years of study as an outstanding student, mastering the subtleties and intricacies of the instrument in such a commanding way that he is now recognized as a leading disciple of Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma, and in his own right as the principal santoor player in Europe.

The santoor is an exquisite 100 stringed instrument unique to the Himalayan valley of Kashmir. It has been a folk instrument there for centuries but in the last 40 years it has risen to new prominence in classical Indian music, largely due to the prominence of Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma, Kiranpal’s tutor for 12 years. Western equivalents include the hammered dulcimer and the cimbalom, found widely in Eastern Europe.


Elfic Circle

Elfic Circle is a world music project that started in 1998 in French Brittany by Celtic harp player, composer and author Andrea Seki and has been a musical journey and study throughout India, Kashmir and French Brittany.

The Trio

Andrea Seki

Andrea is the founder of the Elfic Circle project. Andreas Celtic Harp explores paths that combine the contemporary bard traditions with different ethnical genres. His studies started with Alan Stivell, followed with the National School of Music of Brest, and with the graduation with the School “Prayag Sangit Samiti” Allahabad. He worked in collaboration with many international artists. He uses ancient techniques like Clairseach (Gaelic harp). Andrea published so far 10 albums, 6 of them as Elfic Circle.

Fabrice De Graef

Fabrice De Graef is a master of the bansuri flute. Fabrice comes from a family of musicians. His proficiency led him to earn a scholarship from the Indian and French governments. He studied with H.P. Chaurasia and L. Subramaniam in India for8 years. He shared the stage with musicians like Youth and Giridhar Udupa (Ghatam Karnatic) and more Anindo Chatterjee said of him: “…He is the true style follower of the Great Hari Prasadji” …”I feel he will maintain the indian music style & system to the music lovers…”

Catherine Dreau (Dream)

Catherine is a French Percussionist and Multi-instrumentalist.

She plays harmonic percussions and instruments conceived on ancient south Indian scales, like Tubalophones, Metallophones, Crystal Bowls and Taoist Bowls. Since 2013, her percussive melodies blend with the Celtic Harp of Andrea Seki to create the atmospheric sound of Elfic Circle.



Born Martin Glover, Youth is a multi award winning, legendary music producer, fine artist, songwriter, remixer and bass player of the seminal post-punk band Killing Joke.

With a staggering 20 million records sold worldwide, Youth’s career spans over three decades and shows no sign of slowing down. The music he makes has inspired not only the legendary artists he works with, but the next generation of acts who have grown up hearing Youth’s production. He has produced and remixed for a staggeringly large and diverse array of artists including Sir Paul McCartney (The Fireman), Pink Floyd, The Verve, Yazz, James, Primal Scream, Guns N’ Roses, Blue Pearl, Art of Noise, P.M. Dawn, De La Soul, Erasure, Beth Orton, Maria McKee, Suns of Arqa, The Shamen, Kool and the Gang, Texas, Tom Jones, Dido, Siouxsie and The Banshees, Malcolm Mclaren, A Guy Called Gerald, Marc Almond and U2.

His ability to turn a song around and create a hit is legendary. Youth began producing in the early days of Killing Joke and left the band in 1982 to pursue solo projects, the first of which was the band Brilliant, which included contributions from Jimmy Cauty, later of The KLF. Youth began working with Alex Paterson and Cauty as The Orb, a collaboration that was responsible for the introduction of chillout ambient music. This led to the release of two classic The Orb albums ‘U.F.Orb’ and ‘Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld’, which featured ‘Little Fluffy Clouds’, a track that defined ambient house and chill-out and brought these genres firmly into the mainstream.

In 1991, he formed Butterfly and Dragonfly Records, groundbreaking labels pioneering Goa Trance, Psy Trance and Chillout recordings. One of Youth’s most significant productions has been on The Verve’s hugely successful ‘Urban Hymns’ which included ‘The Drugs Don’t Work’ and ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’. The album won the 1998 BRIT Award for Best Album, while Youth won the BRIT for Producer Of The Year.

Most recently, Youth has produced albums for Black Grape, Hollie Cooke, The Jesus And Mary Chain and Shed 7, as well as touring with Killing Joke. He also runs his Liquid Sound Design label with a latest release from Mixmaster Morris, he is also launching Suriya Recordings, a new label of Indian experimental collaborations. Youth remains tireless in his quest for inspiration, excellence and innovation. In February 2016, Youth was awarded the PPL Outstanding Contribution to Music Award by the Music Producers Guild.