[lead-p]Escapology is the stunning debut from the 14 strong Duende India Collective of Indian and Flamenco luminaries. [/lead-p]

Musical routes from India to Spain are rediscovered through a collection of Indian and Spanish compositions channelled through Youth’s ambient experimentalism, honouring of the aims and ambitions of trance, world music and dub. Poetic titles and inspirations transport the listener into captivating musical potencies allowing for the collecting of a new consciousness. The eleven exotically titled compositions include Escapology, No Quiero Mas, Pahari, Azimuth, Sutra, Jazz Is, Mathematics Of Rain, Espiritu, Naya, Kirwani Quantum and Talking The Dance.


  • Maria Gracial (Vocals)
  • Kakoli Shankar Mishra (Kathak Spoken)
  • Jayeeta Ghosh (Vocals)
  • C. Alford (Sitar)
  • Divyanard Caird (Saraswati Veena)
  • Martin ”Youth” Glover (Bass & Long String Drone)
  • Marcia Melo and Anjan Saha (Spoken Word)
  • Fabrice De Graef (Bansuri Flute)
  • Kiranpal Singh (Santoor)
  • Stepan Honc (Guitar)
  • Jackson Scott (Flamenco Guitar)
  • Aitor Gomez (Guitar)
  • Sachin Kethani (Tabla)
  • Dheeraj Sahai-Mishra (Tabla)
  • Surjeet Singh (Sarangi)
  • Paya Lehane (Flute) and Andrea Seki (Harp)
  • Luke Fitzpatrick (Keys Programming)
  • Perkelt (Speed Celt trio including Stepan Honc, Paya Lehane and David Mauredine)




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