Merry McCloud – The False Bride

Merry McCloud – The False Bride release

Our journey started almost two decades ago. When I heard Bruce’s voice for the first time on the phone, I knew I was talking to a very old friend. Since then, our lives have intertwined and our roots have grown deeper and deeper. This album is a creation of our love and devotion to one another. Thank you Beauty.

I would like to thank everyone in the South London Arts Lab for their support, in particular Dave Whybrow, Limor Tevet, Scott Ford, Amita Nijjar, Maryann Morris, Lisa Azarmi, and of course Youth, for believing in me and producing this album.

Also, a huge thank you to my dear and loving friends Kate Hawthorne, Celine Stephens, Karen Moss, Craig, Will Hughes and Toffey. And finally, my warmest appreciation to Stephanie Whitaker, Robert Richards from Glastonbury, Wolfie Smith and the Partival crew, Ben Ray and the Mandala crew and to the one and only Nik Turner from Hawkwind, who have all given me so much inspiration and encouragement over the years

1. She moved through the Fair – traditional arr. Merry McCloud & Bruce Welch

2. Adieu – traditional arr. Merry McCloud & Bruce Welch

3. At my Window – by Merry McCloud arr. Bruce Welch

4. The False Bride – traditional arr. Merry McCloud & Bruce Welch

5. Red Balloon – by Merry McCloud arr. Bruce Welch

6. Seal Skin – by Merry McCloud arr. Bruce Welch

7. Mister Fox – by Merry McCloud arr. Bruce Welch

8. Hey Sandy – by Merry McCloud arr. Bruce Welch

9. Old Maui – traditional arr. Merry McCloud & Bruce Welch

10. Maid on the Shore – traditional arr. Merry McCloud & Bruce Welch

11. Rose Warrior – by Merry McCloud arr. Bruce Welch

12. Still Growing – traditional arr. Merry McCloud & Bruce Welch

Lead vocals – Merry McCloud

Backing vocals Bruce Welch & Merry McCloud

Guitars, bass – Bruce Welch

Keyboards – Bruce Welch & Merry McCloud

Percussion – Bruce Welch & Merry McCloud

Produced by Youth

Engineered by Michael Rendall

Photography by Maryann Morris

Design by Katy Hearne


Released on digital 29/10/2021


David Erdos – Between Bright Worlds

David Erdos – Between Bright Worlds

Between Bright Worlds features five unique collaborations between the poet, playwright and actor David Erdos and a collective of virtuoso global musicians. Aimed at developing the conjunction of poetry and music, each visionary inspired track on this new digital EP ‘lifts the lyric’ by experimenting in sound, style and texture. From the glazed electronica of Gil De Ray (In the Shadow of the Drones/Voodootron/Vagrant Lovers), to the sainted Santoor stylings of Indian Maestro Kiranpal Singh (The Good Disciples/100 Strings), the new age classicism of Perkelt and Indotranceltic’s Stepan Honc, (Stone Horse/Air & Fire), the heavenly compositions of Marc Appleton (Blueburn), to The Sips, featuring The Gulp’s Francesco Antonio Buffone, and Raoul Khayat with Killian Aubertin), this collection is a tour de force of perspective and interpretation. Poetry finds a new frequency and resonance in what Cold Lips’ Kirsty Allison describes as ‘the Blakean mystic trip of Erdos’ language’ to pay tribute not only to three seminal influences, but to the rising spirits of resistance and reformation important to us all. The search for new forms and methods of expression required to unlock the doors to even a limited sense of freedom, create possibility. It is hoped that these poem/songscapes create fresh territory between the worlds we have lost and those we are soon set to prize.




Overseer: David Erdos, Vocal. Gil De Ray, Synths and programming. Stepan Honc, Guitar, flute, fx

The Flower Folds: David Erdos, Vocal. Marc Appleton, Piano, Synths

Think Floyd: David Erdos, Vocal. Stepan Honc, Guitar

Songbird Soured: David Erdos, Vocal. Kiranpal Singh,Santoor

Between Bright Worlds: David Erdos,Vocal. Francesco Buffone, Guitar. Raoul Khayat, Drums, keys. Killian Aubertin, all other instruments.


 A Poemusic EP (Suriya Recordings 2021)


Track 1: OVERSEER (For Blake) – Poem by David Erdos. Music composed by Gil De Ray, performed Gil De Ray & Stepan Honc (6.29)

 Track 2: THE FLOWER FOLDS (For Harold Budd) – Poem by David Erdos. Music composed and performed by Marc Appleton (5.45)

 Track 3: THINK FLOYD (For George Floyd) – Poem by David Erdos. Music composed and performed by Stepan Honc (5.49)

 Track 4: SONGBIRD SOURED (For all Ortolans) – Poem by David Erdos. Music composed and performed by Kiranpal Singh (6.45)

 Track 5: BETWEEN BRIGHT WORLDS (For Heathcote Williams) – Poem by David Erdos. Music composed and performed by Raoul Khayat, Francesco Buffone, Killian Aubertin (4.49)


Track 1 Produced and Mixed by Gil De Ray. Additional Mix and Production by Stepan Honc. Track 2 Produced by Marc Appleton. Additional Mix and Production by Stepan Honc. Tracks 3 & 4 Produced, mixed, engineered and arranged by Stepan Honc. Track 5 Produced by RAWKILL PRODUCTIONS (Killian Aubertin, Raoul Khayat, Renato Roversi).

Additional Mix and Production by Stepan Honc.

Mastered by James Connor

Executive Producer and Project Manager: Renato Roversi

 Recorded in London throughout the second Lockdown.

 Cover Art by Elena Caldera


Released on digital 30/07/2021

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The Krishnas – This Love

The Krishnas – This Love

A celebration of George Harrison, Hare Krishna and the 50th anniversary of Apple Records releasing the first World Music Album ‘The Radha Krsna Temple’ an album by George Harrison and Radha Krsna Temple and ‘Hare Krishna’ reaching Number 12 in the charts!  Available as download, Vinyl two track single and CD with photo booklet

Today Food For All feeds 5,000 people a day in London and this record’s profits all go to the charity of devotees and monks with food banks and organic hot meals distribution in another 6 UK cities too.

So what has brought Pink Floyd’s producer, the Abbey Road Institute Recording Studio and a group of Hare Krishna monks, devotees and volunteers together in the spirit of George and the beautiful garden dedicated to him at the Hare Krishna Temple near Watford, Bhaktivedanta Manor, gifted by the Beatle, and the friendship and fellowship they had when in 1971 he released an album and two singles with the Hare Krishna monks. They were not just hanging out with John Lennon and George Harrison they recorded with them at Abbey Road and Tittenhurst Park and lived in George’s Friar Park Estate, which was pretty cool in itself but they were also signed to Apple Records and opened for Deep Purple and the Moody Blues and appeared on Top of The Pops twice, so they were pretty cool monks too. The same orange and white robed devotees can still be seen to this day dancing and singing, that same Hare Krishna chant that George recorded and produced, on the streets of the Capital in London’s Soho Theatreland and around Kings Cross.

It’s hoped the single that’s about to be released which is produced by mega producer Youth, aka Martin Glover (Pink Floyd, The Verve, Crowded House Paul McCartney), with The Krishnas and special guest Lora Logic, performing a world music influenced power folk, hooky lament is uplifting and fun in a good cause, with all profits going to the Food For All Charity, as the Suriya Records team and all of the managers, mix and mastering engineers and assistants have given their time and expertise freely to help the charity feed the homeless and those in need of a nutritious hot meal.


Released on digital 30/07/2021

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Hollow Skies

Paya – Hollow Skies

If the sky is hollow, Paya Lehane and Youth grant such loss full salvation as ten crucial pieces of ambient ecstasy fill our senses, enabling ascension for the listening heart, mind and ear. Paya turns the digital realm spiritual as she sings in a language that is both invented and abstract, with the sung phrase played like a colour, or, soothing of string, wave, and key. As she exquisitely requiems, from BLUE WIND to closing piece BROKEN WIRES, we hear new connections and the electricity of joy rise, released.

In this album acoustic and electronica fuse to paint stunning visions, as new and unknown worlds enchant and evolve all that’s known. Written in collaboration with Youth and played by Suriya Recordings star artists including Stephan Honk, Andrea Seki, and Paya and Youth, these stunning chorales and song styling work to advance ambience. They are mood with meaning.

Cloud calls. And tears of sung rain on which messages have been written. The songs seem to form within and around you and communicate on all levels.

From FALLING SUN to WOLF MOON here is an album that will give your DEEP MIND the sensations that only a hopeful heart wants to grace.


Vocals Paya Lehane old Celtic chants/Flutes
additional vocals and Indi chants Jayeeta Gosh
Lyric Never Be Your Fool/Youth.
Guitars Stephan Honk Guitar on Wolf Moon Steve Norris.
Harps Andrea Seki
Bass Youth Synth Youth
Electronics Youth and Luke Fitzpatrick.
Mixing Luke Fitzpatrick
all Lyrics Paya Lehane- but
Never Be Your Fool Lyrics Youth
Mastered by Michael Rendall and Meridian Studio.
Artwork Natalia Rodriguez Milanezi.
Produced by Youth
Executive Producer Renato Roversi.


Released on digital 18/09/2020


Nadav – Invocation

Invocation is the album that happened when Nadav flew in to play at Youth’s Resonance festival in Granada Spain at Space Mountain Studio with a harmonium in one hand and a notebook filled with chants in the other. The vision was simply to record an album of mantras that would stir the heart and awaken the spirit. The tracks all draw on Sanskrit mantras created thousands of years ago by the sages of ancient India with an intention to bring peace and harmony to the world…

Once Resonace festival was over, a band of world class musicians eagerly joined the project, offering their talents and breathing fresh sounds into the well trodden new age music genre. With Youth at the helm and a recording team that included master producer/engineer John Leckie they captured the magic that unfolded over 5 nights at Space mountain Studio.

The album offers 7 invocations that are intended to direct the listener back to themselves, back to the heart. Stylistically there is nothing conventional about INVOCATION, at times introspective and haunting, at times playful, it blends Spanish guitars, synths and African influences as it weaves through traditional Indian soundscape on a delicate devotional journey.

Cover photo by Chris Debney

Cover design Luke Fitzpatrick and Nadav Kahn

Recorded at Space Mountain Studios

Mastered by Luke Fitzpatrick


  • Nadav – vocals, harmonium
  • Lawrence Harvey – classical & electric guitars, bass
  • Frederik Stitz – slide guitar
  • Ned Scott – piano
  • Maff Scott – percussion
  • Youth – synths
  • Michael Rendall –  synths, piano
  • Danny Baxter – singing bowls
  • Laurits Hvirvelkar – kora
  • Jackson Scott – vocal and Flamenco guitar
  • Luke Fitzpatrick – percussion, saxophone

Released on digital 25/09/2019

Out on digital 25/10/2019

Available on digital download only

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The Mountain Path

The Good Disciples – The Mountain Path

The Good Disciples new album, The Mountain Path celebrates the 50th anniversary of Shivkumar Sharma, Brijbushan Kabra and Hariprasad Chaurasia’s seminal world music classic Call of the Valley. Contemporary masters of Indian/Eastern music Kiranpal Singh (Santoor), Fabrice De Graef (Bansuri Flutes) and Shahbaz Hussain (Tabla) chart thirteen paths of Harmonic reflection across the valley of transcendence and exultation, following a divine mountain path. Having worked together on numerous far ranging projects for globally renowned artist/producer Youth and music business veteran Renato Roversi’s Suriya Recordings label, this album is a landmark release for a world desperately in need of the spiritual reformation music allows. Produced and mastered by Luke Fitzpatrick, an integral part of Youth Sounds deeply prolific and innovative coterie of music makers at London’s Meridien Studios in 2017/18, the album has been supervised by Frances Shepherd and Anjan Saha of Indian Music educators/promoters PRSSV.

This masterly trio become totems of musical enchantment, as seen in Youth and Fitzpatrick’s beautiful cover image. In establishing a new sound for the sacred, they survey a quite different valley; a destination at the core of all current journeys towards peace and salvation. The Good Disciples direct us. Now open your hearts and receive.


  • Kiranpal Singh
  • Fabrice De Graef
  • Shahbaz Hussain


Available on digital download only

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Indian Ragas Full Circle – Volume 1

100 Strings – “Indian Ragas Full Circle – Volume 1”

The realisation of 100 STRINGS is the masterwork of Santoor Maestro, Ustad Kiranpal Singh. The album was recorded in Abbey Road and forms part of a long tradition of Indian musicians being recorded in this place of rich musical heritage. 100 Strings is thought to be the first complete Indian Classical album recorded in Abbey Road.

Santoor Maestro Ustad Kiranpal Singh is an eminent exponent of the Indian Classical Santoor, an instrument with one hundred strings that is unique to the Himalayan Valley of Kashmir. Its strings when struck percussively with a pair of delicate wooden mallets create ethereally resonating sounds, smooth melodic lines and vibrant tonal effects. When heard together with the rhythmic Tabla accompaniment by Dheeraj Sahai-Mishra, the listener is transported at once into deep nature and a sense of one’s place in the cosmic tapestry.


  • Ustad Kiranpal Singh
  • Dheeraj Sahai-Mishra


Available on Audio CD and digital downloads

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Polyphonic Omnipresence

‘Polyphonic Omnipresence’ is the debut album of artist and producer Arthur Navarro

The album embraces sonorities from South America’s native chants, Europe’s classical music and Indian mystical instruments, and is an invitation for the listener to a sensorial and ethnical voyage. Ornamented with a strong anthropophagous and mystical character, Polyphonic Omnipresence is a musical work that maintains the transcendentalism, the sense of ancestry and the universality of Music being the basic foundations for its expansive sonority.

Build and entangled through predominantly organic arrangements that mixes Eastern and Western influences, idiosyncratic textures and intricate vocal experiments in ancient and obscure liturgical languages (such as South American’s Kraó and India’s Sanskrit), the album takes a tour by points of origin of different civilisations in order to glimpse a culture of its own and to develop a new sound landscape that expresses the artist’s plural cultural view allied to his spirituality, what makes Polyphonic Omnipresence a personal musical manifestation influenced by primordial cultures that resists echoing in the contemporary.

The album wouldn’t have been possible to be completed without the talented input of the 44 musicians involved:


  • Arthur Navarro
  • Verônica Cerqueira
  • André Prando
  • Fepaschoal
  • Henrique Paoli
  • Alexandre Barcelos
  • Cláudio Modesto
  • Ana Elisa
  • Camila Figueiró
  • Clarissa Roldi
  • Jessica Erin
  • Joicy Marques
  • Joyce Silva
  • Larissa Corrêa
  • Arlete Lemos
  • Thayná Bergamini
  • Aleksandro Guimarães
  • Marcos Oliveira
  • Thiago Queiroz
  • Weverson Cardoso
  • Ivan Amorim
  • Leonardo Borges
  • Ludvig Schneider
  • Fabricio Drummond
  • Alexandre Araújo
  • Victor Hugo Tolugo
  • Huemerson Leal
  • Stanislava Kasova
  • Lizzie Arnold
  • Lobo Pasolini
  • Rodrigo Moraes
  • Kiranpal Singh Deora
  • Dheraaj Sahai-Mishra
  • Alberto Cenci
  • Lewis Evans
  • Jared Prokop
  • Sally Gorski
  • Jamiee Perry
  • Jamie-lee Glinsman
  • Cristina Cooper
  • Henriette Poos
  • Carlos Bricio
  • Natalia Milanesi
  • Peter Noble


Available on digital downloads only

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Homage to Catalonia

Abraham Carmona Flamenco heritage meets Youth’s production ambiance in ‘Homage to Catalonia’. A sublime, heartfelt, deep and spell bounding debut album for Suriya Recordings.

Growing up in an impressive dynasty of Flamenco musicians (Carmona), Abraham was immersed in its unique universe and artistry from a very early age. Later on, in his search for new sounds, Abraham has worked with conventional flamenco instruments but also explored new ways of expression by experimenting with more unusual instruments from different musical traditions.

Homage to Catalonia was conceived at Youth’s Space Mountain Studios in Granada, Spain. Created in a classic traditional flamenco style, with an expansive atmosphere and a conscious use of elements from India in the form of scales and drones. The addition of strings throughout the album also helps to imprint a cinematic signature, infusing some fragments with a subtle hint of Morricone’s flavour.

Youth’s distinctive touch is instantly recognisable from the first seconds of the album opener. His expert use of ambient textures, clever structuring and off-tangent approach provides a perfect partnership in Homage to Catalonia, a unique venture that leaves you asking for a sequel.


  • Abraham Carmona
  • Youth
  • Michael Rendall
  • Luke Fitzpatrick
  • Fabrice DeGraef
  • Pavlina Botslava


Available on digital downloads only

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Bardik Springs

‘Bardik Springs’ is a bliss-infused album and the result of the Elfic Circle‘s journey and studies throughout India, Kashmir and French Brittany.

Elfic Circle is a world music project that started in 1998 in French Brittany by Celtic harp player, composer and author Andrea Seki.

The second disc consists of remixes from Youth and Jamie Grashion, whose seismic reworkings combine elements of dub, electronica, trance, hip hop, flute and percussion into a dazzling journey from the shores of Brittany to the Asian sands of Kashmir.

These new explorations of the boundaries of song merge into an irresistible acoustic-electric symphony, as guitar and synth patterns echo and drone and unearthly sounds crest above what the heart would dream of. Future Global beats are captured through the mastery of the mix as a new landscape manifests.


  • Andrea Seki (Celtic Harp)
  • Fabrice De Graef (Bansuri Flute)
  • Catherine Dreau (Percussionist and Multi-instrumentalist)


Remixes (1 min sample)

Available on Audio CD and digital downloads

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