Hollow Skies

Paya – Hollow Skies

If the sky is hollow, Paya Lehane and Youth grant such loss full salvation as ten crucial pieces of ambient ecstasy fill our senses, enabling ascension for the listening heart, mind and ear. Paya turns the digital realm spiritual as she sings in a language that is both invented and abstract, with the sung phrase played like a colour, or, soothing of string, wave, and key. As she exquisitely requiems, from BLUE WIND to closing piece BROKEN WIRES, we hear new connections and the electricity of joy rise, released.

In this album acoustic and electronica fuse to paint stunning visions, as new and unknown worlds enchant and evolve all that’s known. Written in collaboration with Youth and played by Suriya Recordings star artists including Stephan Honk, Andrea Seki, and Paya and Youth, these stunning chorales and song styling work to advance ambience. They are mood with meaning.

Cloud calls. And tears of sung rain on which messages have been written. The songs seem to form within and around you and communicate on all levels.

From FALLING SUN to WOLF MOON here is an album that will give your DEEP MIND the sensations that only a hopeful heart wants to grace.


Vocals Paya Lehane old Celtic chants/Flutes
additional vocals and Indi chants Jayeeta Gosh
Lyric Never Be Your Fool/Youth.
Guitars Stephan Honk Guitar on Wolf Moon Steve Norris.
Harps Andrea Seki
Bass Youth Synth Youth
Electronics Youth and Luke Fitzpatrick.
Mixing Luke Fitzpatrick
all Lyrics Paya Lehane- but
Never Be Your Fool Lyrics Youth
Mastered by Michael Rendall and Meridian Studio.
Artwork Natalia Rodriguez Milanezi.
Produced by Youth
Executive Producer Renato Roversi.


Released on digital 18/09/2020